Accessible geospatial data

Making aerial intelligence available to all

The Context

Traditionally aerial photography is time consuming and cost prohibitive for many applications. Consumer level drones are rapidly changing that. Consumer drone technology is now sophisticated enough to provide the necessary image quality and supporting data to allow for valuable insights, making aerial intelligence a reality for many new industries.

But most people are still unaware that the drones they bought for fun can be used as powerful tools to help unlock new insights for social good and profit.

The Spexi Platform

It’s estimated that annual consumer level drone sales will reach 4.6 million units worldwide by 2020. All these consumer drones create a tremendous opportunity for a virtual network that when leveraged to unlock their underutilized capacity, are able to provide aerial intelligence for industries and initiatives where it was previously impossible.

Our platform brings together pilots and aerial data customers to capture more insights about our world at a lower cost than was possible before. It empowers drone hobbyists and professionals alike to unlock the power of drone technology and help deliver aerial intelligence at scale.

Aerial intelligence is now available to all.

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