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Precision Flight Automation

Our mobile app for iOS or Android takes the guess work out of flying exactly to a project's requirements, safely and efficiently.

  • Easy planning tools to make sophisticated flights reliable and efficient
  • Autonomous flight and image capturing compatible with the latest DJI drones
  • Cloud-based footage processing & sharing for secure and fast file upload and delivery

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Real Estate

Sell properties faster with Spexi’s affordable aerial images, panoramas and videos showcasing neighbourhood features and property highlights. Spexi’s professional, pre-vetted pilots will capture stunning views of all your listings to give you an edge when selling to the modern homebuyer.

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Take volumetric measurements, monitor and document the progress of your project, and share updates with stakeholders with Spexi’s fast and affordable aerial imagery.

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Measure, observe and respond to what is happening in the field quickly and effectively with Spexi’s drone intelligence. Qualified pilots, flight planning, fast processing and actionable information give you a richer picture of field health and help increase yields.

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