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Remote Ops

Gain reliable data transfer with our desktop-based ingestion app optimized for slow and intermittent connectivity environments

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A reality that many drone operators face is working in remote territories within limited internet connectivity environments. Time sensitive information is collected and it is required to be transferred centrally for processing and diffusion for rapid decision making. Spexi Remote Ops was created to streamline this process increasing reliability and removing operator frustration.

Rapid Data Delivery

  • Optimized for slow or intermittent internet connections
  • Generates "recon" first look products for fast decision making
  • Integrates seamlessly with Spexi's mobile capture and cloud viewer apps
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS systems.

Imagery Optimized

Raw data products are usually not optimized for efficient transfer, especially in low connectivity environments. Remote Ops allows users to optimize their imagery to get data to decision makers rapidly.

Rapid "First Look" Products

Large datasets take hours of transfer and production time to actionable information can be excruciatingly long. Remote Ops allows the creation of a "first look" that can get into the hands of strategic decision makers fast.

Interruption Protection

No need to restart entire process. During the upload process, if for any reason the connection is interrupted, (poor connectivity, laptop battery, ISP issue, etc) the process will pause. Resume later, without concern.

Choose a plan that suits your organization's needs.


  • $475 / month / user
  • Up to 3,000 images per month

Billed month to month.

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  • $450 / month / user
  • Up to 3,000 images per month

Billed annually.

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If you'd like to explore if Spexi Remote Ops would be a good fit for your organization, contact sales today.

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