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Pathway to Commercialization

Take advantage of Spexi’s products and services through the Pathway program

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The Pathway to Commercialization (PTC) is a new program launched by Innovation Services Canada (ISC) to speed up the rate at which Government of Canada departments can access tested & approved Canadian technologies and services.

Program Highlights

Spexi is the 1st civilian company approved for the Pathway to Commercialization

  • Proven Technology Vetted by Government Testing
  • Streamlined Procurement for All Federal Departments
  • Competitive Bids - NOT REQUIRED
  • Sole Source Justifications - NOT REQUIRED
  • Unlimited projects with an $8M ceiling per project

Spexi Offers

Scalable RPAS (Drone) Program Development and Training

  • Training - Advanced Pilot Certification
  • Hardware Selection and Procurement
  • RPAS geospatial acquisition training
  • Training on Spexi platform - autonomous flight, cloud processing, sharing
  • Provision of Spexi Licenses (SaaS)
  • Data acquisition for Government Department
  • Research and Development of Computer Vision

If you'd like to explore if Spexi would be a good fit for your department, inquire today.

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