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Earn money on your own schedule with Spexi. All you need is to find a project near you and we take care of the rest.

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Do you own a drone and are looking for extra income? Drones are equipped with sophisticated technology that can produce high-quality images and supporting data to serve many new industries with aerial intelligence.

While the opportunity is there, finding a project and potential clients can be difficult - especially if you are a beginner pilot. Spexi can offer drone pilot numerous opportunities to fly projects in your area and earn money in your own time. Join Spexi’s network of pilots to access the projects near you and begin to fly!

Training and certification assistance

In order to fly your drone commercially, pilots need to obtain certification and training. Spexi can facilitate that training based on your location. Contact us at for more information.

How It Works


Create a profile and tell us about your equipment and location


Use our app to find a list of nearby projects


Use our automated flight plans to capture the images and upload these once complete


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