Keep your projects on target with drone data

Gain instant insight on progress and site management safely and cost effectively.

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Spexi’s network of qualified pilots, simple software and fast image processing will make it easy, fast and affordable to manage your construction site. Drone data helps promote safety, observe project progress, anticipate potential problems and share updates with stakeholders.

Progress updates redefined

Track and manage your construction site with interactive 360 degree panoramas, orbits, up-to-date map views, and even 3D flythroughs.

Our interactive player makes it easy to view progress within minutes of one of our pilots capturing your project on-site.

How It Works

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Submit your project via the Spexi website, specifying your unique needs.

We’ll Fly it For You

A pre-qualified pilot will use Spexi’s automated flight planning app to precisely capture the footage.

Get the Goods

Once completed, we check the quality of the images and make them available for easy download and review.

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