Aerial intelligence equals precision agriculture

Measure, observe, and respond to what is happening in the field.

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Keeping track of field health is essential for better yields. Spexi’s network of professional pilots, simple and reliable software and automated flights give you real time actionable data to maximize profits while reducing costs. Make the best use of your agricultural expertise with Spexi’s drone intelligence.

Meaningful Crop Insights

A normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is the standard launching point for in-depth field analysis. Multi-spectral images offer an even richer and deeper view into crop health, moisture content, biomass estimation and crop health analysis. Gain meaningful insights into field performance with our spatially accurate, 3-D crop analysis products.

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A pre-qualified pilot will use Spexi’s automated flight planning app to precisely capture the footage.

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Once completed, we check the quality of the images and make them available for easy download and review.

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